Abnormal Clocking Alerts

Swipepoint's attendance system offers an effective solution for handling abnormal clocking issues. This system automatically records employees' clock-in and clock-out times and has flexible clocking time windows, where clocking within these times is considered normal. If an abnormal clocking occurs, the system promptly sends alert messages to supervisors, facilitating quick issue resolution and reducing HR disputes. Additionally, the system can automatically generate absenteeism reports, assisting companies in more effectively managing employee work hours and attendance, thereby improving overall work efficiency.

With the 'Swipepoint' attendance system, you can effectively prevent abnormal clock-in behaviors by employees. This system can automatically identify and record employees' clock-in and clock-out times, with the flexibility to set a certain grace period during which clock-ins will be considered normal. When an employee's clock-in time is abnormal, the system immediately sends a notification to the supervisor for management and resolution, avoiding unnecessary HR disputes. Additionally, the 'Swipepoint' attendance system can automatically generate employee attendance and absence reports, helping businesses better manage employees' work hours and attendance.

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Wherever you are, record attendance accurately

Wherever you are, record attendance accurately

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