Why is SwipePoint free indefinitely?

SwipePoint is free for download indefinitely. We believe that the more people use SwipePoint, the better it becomes with enhanced features and faster issue resolution. We use SwipePoint ourselves every day, and we want to share it with as many people as possible.

Free SwipePoint

SwipePoint is not only to meet the needs of users but also to alleviate the financial burden for enterprises to purchase attendance system. We found out that there is no professional attendance software specifically designed for enterprises of Taiwan, especially has the Labor Standards Act, gender equality laws, and COVID-19 related regulations.

We hope SwipePoint to be the optimal solution for enterprises, with regulatory requirements while reducing costs for businesses. This is one of the reasons why we are dedicated to developing SwipePoint and offering it for free.

We believe that free SwipePoint can be applied across various industries and enterprises, helping businesses enhance work efficiency, manage employee attendance, and ensure compliance with regulations. Download SwipePoint and share it to make our workplace even better.

We are passionate about creating value and hope that SwipePoint can make your life easier. Offering SwipePoint for free to everyone is one of the ways we achieve this goal.

SwipePoint is free to download. Our goal is not only to provide everyone with the opportunity to experience the convenience of SwipePoint but also to promote better relations between enterprises and employees.

Easy to get started

By providing SwipePoint for free, more startups and enterprises will have the opportunity to use it, especially those facing limited budget constraints.

Enhancing equity

By offering SwipePoint for free to all companies, we ensure that every employee can work in an equitable environment.

Receiving more feedback

Free SwipePoint means more users. And more users means we can receive more feedback and suggestions to improve SwipePoint and services.

Promoting value

We believe that technology can bring welfare to society. By offering free SwipePoint, we aim to promote a more equitable work environment and ensure that every worker can benefit from the convenience that technology brings.

Building community

Free SwipePoint also helps us build a community of users who can share their experiences on how SwipePoint has transformed their work and lives, which in turn motivates more people to use SwipePoint.



SwipePoint is compatible with most Android and Apple. Feel free to download.

iOS 14, MacOS 12, Android 8 and above.

  • Apple iPhone, iPad ans Mac
  • Android phone and tablet.
Wherever you are, record attendance accurately

Wherever you are, record attendance accurately

Free download, free indefinitely